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Need to create campaigns that capture a B2B audience? In this short video, Rob Taylor, Marketing Manager at AXA Wealth, shares his thoughts on how B2B brands can creatively target their core audiences.

OLIVER work onsite at AXA Wealth on a range of digital projects. We had a chance to interview Marketing Manager, Rob Taylor on how businesses can communicate creatively to a B2B audience. Transcript below.

How to create engaging B2B content

“So some top tips in creating engaging campaigns in B2B:

“Make sure it’s creative, make sure it captures the imagination. And make sure it’s accessible as well.

“Customers want things in bite-sized chunks these days and that engaging creative can help deliver those messages very quickly on a format that’s appropriate for that customer.

“I think ultimately it’s about giving customers what they want. People love content today.

“It’s about delivering that content in a very engaging way – whether it’s on video, whether it’s animation, whether it’s on social media. It’s giving them that platform to make that choice so they can view the content they want on the platform of their choice.

“So we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the usage of video as a marketing channel in the past couple of years and we can see that trend continuing.

“People are very engaged by video, you can capture with animation as well, and it helps deliver messages very saliently and in bite-size pieces so it really can form an engaging strategy as part of your marketing activity.”

–       Robert Taylor, Marketing Manager, AXA Wealth


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